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Our villa, now a restaurant near Treviso was the home of a noble Venetian family that lived until 1970. Subsequently, after a period during which the villa was closed, in 1982, by a happy intuition of Gianni Recchia (former owner of the famous restaurant Brotto Cornuda) founded the villa restaurant soon wins a prestigious place in the dining scene in Treviso. 

In 1987 the entry into the management of Paolo Fantin gives a new boost to local consolidating the already famous cuisine.

After 20 years of "solo", Paolo calls Diana Bertuola, young but experienced chefs mirrored capacity, which first put the fish dishes on the menu, thus enriching proposal of new, neat and beautiful preparations.

In 2014 the management passed to Matteo Tocchetto that with the renewal of the local and its experience in the field events, proposes a new vision, open to all ages and tastes, while retaining the traditional spirit of the villa 

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